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We live in a very toxic world, our body tries to clear these toxins with a very sophisticated system that requires specific nutrients to run. If these nutrients are lacking or we are taking in a higher level, the body gains a backlog of toxins to excrete and therefore stores these toxins in the safest place to keep them from causing havoc within the major organs. To do this it stores them in fat, our adipose tissue, usually our middle. Weight loss programs need to support the liver with the required nutrients for these additional toxins to be execrated safely, or the body is less likely to give up the fat that is protecting it.

I see a great need for many to be detoxed from our food industry, who has captured their taste buds, brain chemistry and metabolisms, with sugar, white flour and grains.

May 2014: 30% increase in type 2 diabetes in children recorded since 2001. One in four teenagers in the States are recorded to have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes and one in 10 children has fatty liver many more have cirrhosis from drinking fizzy drinks and consuming hidden sugar in their processed food. England is not far behind, this is criminal when we consider that it is totally avoidable by providing the children with the correct food.

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