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Clelia Gwynne-Evans

Lift of Life Nutrition
c/o Time for Health
8 Station Road
St Ives
PE27 5BH

Telephone 07734 364565



Vikki Bennett – “Clelia Gwynne-Evans is a qualified nutritional therapist whose expertise has helped me significantly improve my nutrition and resolve a number of issues, caused by the Menopause and hormonal imbalances. Clelia’s knowledge and passion for helping people is amazing and she has given me advice which has worked immediately and will last a lifetime.”

Ros Belford – “I met Clelia by chance in Cambridge, fell in to talking, and amazingly, her instinct and experience told her straight away that I was tired and stressed. What was more important, was the way she let the conversation develop gently, without in any way being invasive, showing a great deal of empathy and sensitivity, so that I felt I could talk openly and easily. Clelia recommmended a vitamin supplement and magnesium… within three days I was sleeping deeply,and without interuption all night long for the first time in months, and and also I was waking up with more energy than I had had for ages….and feeling great all day!”

George Bacon Cambridge – “I thoroughly recommend getting in touch with Clelia. Initially I was reluctant to address changing my diet, however after hearing Clelia’s clear explanations and following the practical recommendations in the simple to follow dietary plan, the motivation took over as I felt the difference in my total wellbeing”.

Carol Kerrison St Ives Cambridgeshire – “Clelia was recommended to me locally and I have found her to be very professional, friendly and always willing to help and advise. The food plan she devised has been manageable, easily understood and has made an outstanding difference to my quality of life and I would thoroughly recommend her”.

Jill Bennett, Guildford, Surrey – “I had a good diet anyway but we found that I was actually intolerant to several foods, that were causing an ongoing low-level inflammation. I am amazed at Clelia’s knowledge and highly recommend you give her a visit.”

Collette Parker 20 20 Communications – “Clelia at Lift of Life has helped me to change my whole attitude towards food. I now eat to live, rather than live to eat! I feel less tired, have more energy and I actually think I enjoy my food more because my because my palette is cleansed having stripped from it processed foods and all those additives and chemicals that are hidden within them that devastate our taste buds without us realising it. I eat when I am hungry, drink plenty of water and my skin is looking better. My younger brother said to me the other day, “you are looking very well. When your little brother notices, that is something!” I should also mention that thanks to Clelia I have a fantastic meal replacement drink for the days when I am rushed and have no time for breakfast. I am now also taking regular walks in the country – all on Clelia’s advice. I won’t look back as I know that my attitude to food and my diet has changed forever because it is my very own ‘lift of life’, the key to good health and well-being”.

Stergios Bititsios Cambridge – “It has now been two weeks since we started with the plan. I can’t thank you enough really and I hope this is the beginning of the end of my problems. To start with, I have seen the brain fog disappear in the first 3-4 days. I have a lot more energy and I do not feel fatigued and unable to stand straight anymore. I myself and my muscles feel more relaxed, I also haven’t experienced that annoying prickly sensation anymore”. The bottom line is that I see the benefits already and I am hopeful that in the next two weeks I may return back to 100% normal”.

Claire Westbrook of St Ives – I was worried about my teenage daughter, she seemed to be losing her self esteem and she was very body conscious and it was affecting her socialising and she had started to stay home a lot. She was trying to loose weight, but I felt it was affecting her mood. After having a few consultations with Clelia, we both were able to learn an effective weight loss protocol that supported our energy levels and reduced my daughters anxiety. Learning the importance of nutrition in connection with the mind and mood is going to carry me in good stead for a lifetime. My daughter is a confident secure young lady now, who I am extremely proud of. She is really enjoying life, going out with a good circle of friends and very happy with her new body shape too.