About Me

I was born in 1965 into a loving family in St John’s Wood, London. My father was a Baritone singer specialising in Leider and my mother an artist trained at Camberwell Arts College.

During the summers of my childhood, they held master classes with BKS Iyengar bringing Yoga to London within our house. Iyengar became a family friend and left a great impression on my parents, his philosophy therefore greatly influenced my family life and beyond. Our family became vegetarians and my mother studied homeopathy, energetic medicine and spirituality, which she found a great support in dealing with the normal childhood illnesses and accidents children experience while growing up. For me, addressing life’s imbalances with this approach became the norm, rather than an alternative.

Later in life, I studied with the London Montessori Centre and gained a great awareness of children’s developmental stages, mind, body and spirit. My interest lead me from the classroom to energetic medicine. I´d had an awareness of this instilled in me, from the homeopathy I had received as a child. Due to an injury as a patient, I explored many therapies, chiropractics, osteopathy, acupuncture and finally, I found my way to the RIFE device which introduced me to the LIFE system. This gave me a driving force to explore further into the wellness options leading me to my nutritional training.